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Why would she announce her departure before the NCAA tournament beginning next week? That something else quickly took center stage as word spread that Chatman had been forced to resign under pressure, and that her downfall had something to do with an "improper" — as in sexual — relationship with a former player.

and the published stories citing an unnamed source who alleged that the university was informed of the situation by someone within the basketball program.

She also has a reputation as a great recruiter, a must for success in the higher echelon of women’s college basketball.

Just last week she coached her 10th-ranked Tigers to an upset win over No.

"I am, of course, completely aware of Pokey's sudden departure from LSU," Sky owner Michael Alter said Friday.

Last Wednesday, Chatman unexpectedly issued a press release stating that she had resigned from her position as head coach of the LSU Tigers in order to pursue "other career opportunities." No one believed her. Was she jumping ship to take an offer elsewhere — perhaps Florida ?

The Sky's new coach/general manager comes with impressive credentials — and a controversial past.

Pokey Chatman helped LSU to four straight NCAA Final Four appearances but resigned March 7, 2007 amid allegations she had an inappropriate relationship with a former player that allegedly began when she was coaching that player.

Sky president and CEO Adam Fox announced Tuesday that Chatman has signed a multi-year contract extension.

In addition, the team has re-signed assistant coaches Christie Sides and Jeff House.

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The event, which featured the, er, entertainment of exotic dancers flown in from Atlanta, was allegedly organized by cornerback Fred Smoot.