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Lurbel online dating

I am working in Barcelona for companies in Spain and Europe, both for end user and through agencies.

Trained as a graphic designer at the Escola Massana in Barcelona and with 20 years in the profession, I am specialised in advertising illustration for corporate and consumer brands like Coca-Cola, Aquabona, Nestlé, Plastidecor, Panrico, Carrefour, Bic, Calgonit, Carbonell, Orbit, Areas, Seat, Government of Spain, Chupa Chups, Somat, Lemon & Nada, etc.

That is, seldom creates a brand-illustrator link, and it is the agency that will repeat or not with you, depending on how you have responded. With smaller clients, the contact is usually direct.

One of the best exponents that we have in Spain is Juanma García Escobar, his colorful style, casual and with clear references to modern cartoon and classic illustration leaves us work desirable for any brand and sell in the best way that product for which they work.

Normally it is the client that brand entry that references you want to use for each project. The work process is always the same: First I present a sketch in pencil, and when I have the ok of the client scanning and I change to ink and color with the computer. A) Vector illustration Inking and color with Freehand.

Although it is an endangered program, I still work with this program because to draw (and in my opinion), it gives a thousand potatoes to more modern programs as an illustrator.

When we see them, they irremediably remind us of the top works of the advertising illustrations of the 50s and 60s, where we find the greatest exponents of this style of illustration. - You have been illustrating more than 20 years How were the beginnings and the moment when you tell your parents that you want to make a living by drawing?

To end up dedicating yourself professionally to something like this, it is very complicated.

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So to raise your parents that you want to dedicate to draw, can sound to Mama, I want to be an artist and you may fall from the entrance a colleja.

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