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A good selection of recipes each week, high quality ingredients, and ease of use means Plated is a meal delivery service worth considering.

What Veestro does, it does extremely well: namely, deliciously-flavored vegan meals, flash-frozen and delivered to your doorstep.

The food is not precooked, but rather comes with detailed recipes and cooking instructions so that nutritious meals are easily prepared by anyone.

While Hello Fresh is a great choice for anyone who enjoys cooking but doesn't have the time for weekly food shopping, the selection is a bit limited with this company.

If you live near a Diet to Go kitchen, free samples are available prior to purchasing.With multiple recipe options to please any palate or satisfy any dietary need Home Chef delivers fresh ingredients to the consumer.Unlike most of the other prepared meal companies, Home Chef sends the ingredients for great meals.Unlike many of their competitors, this company never freezes their food.The menu is diverse but preselected and rotates approximately every 9 weeks.

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If you don't like a meal, there is a money-back guarantee.